Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Life: A week in the Fjords

This weekend I returned home from a week's cruise around the beautiful Norwegian Fjords.
I went with Jamie, Mum and Dad on the P&O Azura and we visited Stavanger, Skjolden, Geiranger and Bergen. The views were spectacular and we had some really lovely weather (we were expecting rain so this was a great surprise!) We saw countless stunning waterfalls (many of which created beautiful rainbows in the sunshine), tree covered mountains, colourful houses and pretty flowers.
As you can imagine, I took a rather large number of photos whilst we were, in fact between us we took over 1200 (!!!) but I've selected just a few favourites to share with you here.

The whole holiday was fantastic, and we all enjoyed getting dressed up for the formal evenings on the ship too! (Not to mention swimming in the pools, playing in the casino and eating far too much good food!)
I definitely recommend visiting the Fjords, and cruising in general too, its great for visiting lots of new places in one holiday!

I'll be using lots of the photos I took while we were there to inspire a new series of illustrations. I've already made a start so it shouldn't be late until I have something to share. Meanwhile you can see works in progress over on Instagram (@EmmaMargaretIllustration)

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