Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Snap Snap: 24/06/14

Last week in photos:

-Posing with my book at the exhibition
- Feeding the deer at Longleat Safari Park
- <3
- Fun on the rides at Southsea for Jamie's birthday

- It totally forgot to buy banners and balloons, so at 6am on Jamie's birthday I was up making paper balloons and using washi tape to write on the walls.
- A trip to Sprinkles was obviously needed for birthday celebrations.
- I made Jamie pancakes for breakfast
- A potentially exciting meeting happened at the Grand Harbour Hotel on Wednesday. Fingers crossed!

Saturday, 21 June 2014

Life: Longleat Safari Park

Last weekend Mum and Dad came down to Southampton for the exhibition at uni. Whilst they were here we went on a trip to Longleat Safari Park (one of my favourite childhood holiday destinations!).
We had a lovely day and the weather was brilliant, and all but one of the animal species made an appearance for us (the wolves were hiding away somewhere)! I had loads of fun feeding the deer through the car windows, and we had a monkey take a ride on the roof whilst we drove around the enclosure.
It was a very last minute trip so I don't have as many photos as I would usually have taken as my camera battery was pretty low, but here are a few snaps form the day:

Friday, 20 June 2014


Hey everyone!
I mentioned in my post earlier today that myself and 2 friends from my illustration course have recently started up a small collective to help us stay creative now that uni has finished.
We've given our collective the name Pastiche, which means:
"An artwork combining materials from various sources"

Pastiche consists of me, Hannah from Doodleheart and Selina Quach (aka the Deer, the Reindeer and the Unicorn!):

Pastiche Illustration

We all work in quite different styles but we're all interested in the same 3 subject matters: fairytales, mythical creatures and pretty florals. So expect lots of work along those 3 themes in the future!
If you haven't already, head over to Hannah and Selina's websites and have a little look, they've both got lots of lovely work for you to see!

We haven't got any finished projects to show you just yet, but we've had a few meetings and brainstormed lots of ideas, and something new and exciting its on it way!
Head over to our Facebook Page and give us a "like" to stay up to date with what we get up to, and there's a little sneak peak of our first project as well!

The Exhibition

So after months of hard work and lots of worrying, my final major project at uni is completely over, and last week we all got together for the exhibition.
We spent a few days building and painting walls and turning the studios in a gallery space, and then got on with putting the work up. Myself, Hannah and Selina had a few issues along the way with hanging everything up (note: magnets don't work, and always buy the strongest velcro you can find!) but in the end it all looked great and I'm pretty pleased with how it turned out.

I had my book on display on a slanted shelf so it was easy for people the flick through, and on the wall were a selection of prints. There was one for each story included in the book, and an illustrated map of the world I created for it, as well as a couple of typography pieces. On a smaller shelf I displayed a few of the paper dolls that I made (which will be added to the shop soon!) and a little holder for my business cards!

On the night of the exhibition, the studios were packed with people, and I got a few lovely comments form some of my tutors. It was pretty hot in there so we didn't take many pictures on the night, but we had to go back in the following week to invigilate the show when it was open to the public, so we took some more then. Here a few of my favourites:

Emma Margaret Illustration

Emma Margaret Illustration

Emma Margaret Illustration

Emma Margaret Illustration

Emma Margaret Illustration

To see more images of the work itself, head to my website and look in the gallery.

And finally here's a show of me, Selina and Hannah in front of the paper bags we illustrated for the group photo (mine is the deer that you can just about see on the left hand side):

The three of us have just started up a little illustration collective, and I'll be sharing more on that very soon!

Friday, 6 June 2014

Snap Snap: 06/06/14

My week in photos:

- On the day of our hand-in we celebrated by having a colouring-in afternoon. After a stressful few weeks it was nice to do something so effortless and fun!
- We also went to Tooti's Gelato Bar for a little treat.
- "Luck will be on your side this week"
- I went to visit mum and dad for the weekend and had some morning cuddles with this cutie everyday.

- For mum's birthday we went on a day trip to the zoo.
- And this guy was just as fascinated by us as we were by him!
- A spontaneous trip to London yesterday included a visit to my favourite art shop, L. Cornellisen & Son. Those jars full of pigments are so beautiful!
- We also spent a little while in Hamley's and had lots of fun playing with remote control cars and Giraffe puppets.

My final exhibition at uni is now only a week away! If you're in the area its open to the public from the 14th til the 19th of June, and you can find all the information here.