Friday, 28 February 2014

Snap snap: 28/02/14

- I've been getting a lot of use out of these inks the last couple of weeks.
- Rapunzel, Rapunzel, let down your hair.
- Designing Snow White.
- Jamie bought me these lovely flowers at the weekend.

- More designs for Snow White.
- Drawing at my desk. This is one of my favourite drawings form the week.
- Adding colour to the illustrations.
- This gorgeous thing is turning 4 today, I'll be making her some doggy biscuits for when I see her next weekend.

Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Art: Snow White Illustrations

You might have noticed me mention a few times lately that I'm working on a project based on fairytales as part of my uni work.
These two illustrations are concepts for the Snow White character/costume in my project (all of the characters will be humans with animals heads just like this one). Most of my work is just sketchbook drawings at the moment but I decided to take a couple of them into photoshop and add a bit of colour to get an idea of how it all might look and this was the result. These are just 2 of the possible designs for this character, I have lots more to work on and it could all change a lot along the way!

Saturday, 22 February 2014

Life: On my desk

Just a little peak at whats on my desk this week. I'm still working hard on the fairy tale project, and I've started to put a few pieces of the work up on the walls around the desk. The laptop is out to use for reference images, and the big mac is playing Once Upon a Time whilst I work.

Friday, 21 February 2014

Snap Snap: 21/02/14

- My cards are now being stocked in Re:So, the student run shop in the Marlands Centre, Southampton.
- Drawing bunnies for my project.
- I like the ones with one bent ear.
- Cadbury's highlights fudge hot chocolate + a little coffee = a very tasty mocha

- The birds have been my favourite animal to draw so far, I love drawing all the patterns in their feathers.
- On my desk this week.
- I've put some of my work up on the walls.
- I put some movie poster postcards up above Jamie's desk and so moved around some of the other decorations that were there in the process. I love this little area above the chair in the living room.

Thursday, 20 February 2014

In my Sketchbook: 20/02/14

This week has been all about drawing the animals for the characters in my fairy tale project. Earlier in the week I decided on which animals I was going to use and started drawing them. I've only focused on the face at the moment and I'll be moving on to look at the costumes next week.

I still have plenty more animals to draw so its going to be a busy few days getting it done, but so far I've been really enjoying it. I've done quite a few of them with a brush and ink instead of fine-liner which has made a nice change and I'm liking the effect its giving to my drawings.

Monday, 17 February 2014

Life: At the Zoo

Last Sunday me and Jamie headed up to London on the 6.55am train to get there in time for the zoo opening at 10 (we may have stopped in Primrose Hill for cake on the way). The trip was to help me with my uni project, so I spent the day sketching the animals. Of course this time the animals decided to be really active and barely sat still for more than 10 seconds so it was pretty hard to draw, and add to the the cold and the wind (which my hands did not thank me for afterwards!) and I'm pretty surprised at how many drawings I did manage to get.
Whilst I was sketching Jamie was mainly taking videos so we didn't get a huge number of photos whilst we were there, but these are a few of my favourite snaps form the day:

Those little turtles were the first animals we saw when we were there. I've never really seen them move around before but this time they all swimming around all over the place and they're really quite fascinating to watch!
Giraffes are my favourite animal which explains why I spent the most time stood there drawing them (also possibly partly because part of the viewing area for them is inside away from the cold!).
The zebras were the most active of all the animals, most of the time that we were watching them they were running around, jumping up on their hind legs and kicking!

Here are a few of my favourite sketches from the day:

You can see the rest of at my FMP blog if you're interested.
I'll be developing these sketches in the next couple of weeks and should have plenty more work to share with you soon!

Friday, 14 February 2014

Snap Snap: 14/02/14

My week in photos.

- My work on display at our Interim exhibition at uni.
- Once upon a time.... (my favourite piece of work form the week).
- Cakes in Primrose Hill on the way to the zoo.
- Drawing Reindeer.

- My favourite animal at the zoo.
- My sketches from the day.
- Developing the drawings of reindeer for my fairytale project (all of the regular fairytale characters are going to be animals instead of humans).
- This lovely book arrived to help me with the project.

P.S. Happy Valentine's day!

Wednesday, 12 February 2014

In my sketchbook: 12/02/14

This week's sketchbook work has been all about fairytales as I've been making a start on my Final Major Project for uni. I wasn't too sure where to start so I've been spending a bit of time just drawing in response to the theme of fairytales. These are the results:

Friday, 7 February 2014

Snap Snap: 07/02/14

- On my way to visit my family for the weekend, my Dad sent me this with the words "I am waiting here patiently please get here soon woof woof!". Made my day.
- Blogging on the train.
- A shopping trip involved lots of pretty patterns.
- I spent the day at home with Beabea on Friday and was pretty jealous that she got to sleep all day.

- On our walk at the weekend.
- Started making notes for my new uni project.
- At uni we were told to draw anything we wanted to for 20 minutes, this was the result.
- The best part of doing a project on fairytales is that I can watch Disney Movies and call it research.
(If you want to follow what I'm up to at uni you can do so here.)

Saturday, 1 February 2014

In my sketchbook: 01/02/14

 I've finally started to get back into drawing again after Renegade prep, uni work and Christmas all got in the way! I've had a quiet week or so so I've been pushing myself to try and get some drawing done (you might remember my post about ways to get myself inspired).
Patterns have featured heavily in sketchbook as normal, and I'm also experimenting a bit with anthropomorphism (which might be feeding into my next uni project very soon), mainly because I wanted to draw something that combined both animals with pretty patterns: animals in patterned clothing of course! To start off with I printed off some miniature versions of the animals I've drawn before, stuck them onto the pages of my sketchbook and drew on the bodies.
Of course these aren't all of the drawings I've done, but they're the ones I'm happy enough with to share here with you!

I also spent a few hours attempting to sketch some hands as they are certainly not my strong point, but I forgot to photograph those so they will instead be in the next "In my sketchbook" post (which will hopefully be happening more often now that I'm drawing again!).