Monday, 17 February 2014

Life: At the Zoo

Last Sunday me and Jamie headed up to London on the 6.55am train to get there in time for the zoo opening at 10 (we may have stopped in Primrose Hill for cake on the way). The trip was to help me with my uni project, so I spent the day sketching the animals. Of course this time the animals decided to be really active and barely sat still for more than 10 seconds so it was pretty hard to draw, and add to the the cold and the wind (which my hands did not thank me for afterwards!) and I'm pretty surprised at how many drawings I did manage to get.
Whilst I was sketching Jamie was mainly taking videos so we didn't get a huge number of photos whilst we were there, but these are a few of my favourite snaps form the day:

Those little turtles were the first animals we saw when we were there. I've never really seen them move around before but this time they all swimming around all over the place and they're really quite fascinating to watch!
Giraffes are my favourite animal which explains why I spent the most time stood there drawing them (also possibly partly because part of the viewing area for them is inside away from the cold!).
The zebras were the most active of all the animals, most of the time that we were watching them they were running around, jumping up on their hind legs and kicking!

Here are a few of my favourite sketches from the day:

You can see the rest of at my FMP blog if you're interested.
I'll be developing these sketches in the next couple of weeks and should have plenty more work to share with you soon!

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