Saturday, 26 July 2014

Art: New Illustrations

On Wednesday, I finally got around to sharing some of my sketchbook pages with you. And today, I have some finished, coloured illustrations to share!

Other than the birds, these are all for a project I'm working on with my Illustration Collective, Pastiche. However, when you see them in the final outcome of that project (which is still a secret at the moment), they'll be looking quite different to how they do here (any guesses what we're working on?).
The birds are my first submission to Illustration Friday, for the topic "golden". I'm hoping to start regularly contributing to Illustration Friday, as a way of responding to drawings prompts I wouldn't normally think of. I also bought myself '642 Things to Draw', a journal/sketchbook filled with unusual drawing prompts, so you should be seeing some illustrations coming from that soon as well!

Wednesday, 23 July 2014

In my sketchbook: 23/07/14

An "In my sketchbook" post is long overdue, its been over 3 months since I last shared any of my drawings with you!
Over the last couple of weeks I've been working on a few projects, including some work for our Illustration Collective, Pastiche, but I can't say too much about any of it at the moment. But I can share a few of the drawings from them, and leave you guessing as to what they might be for!

Emma Margaret Illustration
Emma Margaret Illustration
Emma Margaret Illustration
Emma Margaret Illustration
Emma Margaret Illustration

I've recently treated myself to a Pentel Pocket Brush Pen, and I highly recommend it. Its a refillable brush pen that allows you to draw in the same you would with a brush and ink, only without the constant dipping! Its a great time-saver and a lot less hassle (and no washing brushes or ink pots!).

Hopefully as the projects develop, these drawings will become finished coloured illustrations that I'll be able to share with you!
In the meantime, look out on my Twitter, Instagram and Facebook pages for snippets of what I'm getting up to.

Friday, 18 July 2014

Life: Updates

I've been pretty absent again lately due to moving out of the flat, but I do have quite a few things to share with you now!

First up, earlier this week my degree results came through, and it turns out I got a First!
Obviously I couldn't be any happier with that result and its so nice to know that all that hard work was worth it! The graduation ceremony isn't until November, so there'll be lots of celebrating then!

Things only got better the following day when Jamie was offered a job in advertising in London.
We're staying with my family for a few weeks but very soon we'll be looking for a new place of our own nearer to London.

Here's a couple of snaps from the last week:
- Off out for a meal with family to celebrate our degree results
- Mum and dad bought me  Pandora bracelet to congratulate me. I went for a leather bracelet with 3 charms: A pretty pink one, a giraffe (everyone knows how much I love giraffes), and a fairytale story book (how could I not get that one when my result was because of the fairytale book I had illustrated?!)
- Pretty flowers on my walks with Beabea
- Lots of cuddles. Especially last night with all of the End of the World type thunder!

Aside from all that, I've been working on a couple of possible projects, so hopefully I'll have lots of new work to share very soon. And I'm also planning on getting the shop back up and running with the new products over the next couple of weeks.
In the mean time though, my latest work is now available to purchase on a variety of products on both Art Rookie & Society6.

Emma Margaret Illustration society6 art rookie

Within the two sites you'll find 8 of my designs on products such as phone cases, plates, cushions, bags, clocks, rugs and much more.
As I produce new illustrations I'll be adding them to these sites, so look out for new ones coming soon.

Hopefully it won't be too long before my next post, but in the mean time you can keep up to date with what I'm up to over on Instagram: @emmamargaretillustration

Friday, 4 July 2014

New Blood Finds

Today I'm sharing a few of my favourite finds from the D&AD New Blood festival.
I picked up a huge amount of business cards, and I still haven't had time to go through them all properly yet, so this is just a snippet of the artists I saw and liked!
The pieces here aren't necessarily what they had on display at the show, instead they're pieces I've picked out from looking at their websites.

Oasis Suite of Service messages by Carrie Yates

The 7 Wonders of the Ancient World by Joel Lillington

Hamleys Poster by Rachel Saunders

Animals by Clair Rossiter

Pattern by Samara Hardy

This really is such a tiny proportion of all the lovely work on display at D&AD, and I hope I can get around to looking through the rest of the business cards soon and sharing a bit more with you!
In the meantime there's a round-up of the show over on Creative Review (My course's stand is the first one featured here!), or you can find loads of pictures of the show by searching for #newblood on Instagram!

Thursday, 3 July 2014

D&AD New Blood 2014

This week myself and other students on my course had some of our work on display at the D&AD New Blood festival in London.
I went up yesterday to help look after our stand, and to have a look around at all the other universities' work. There was some great work and it was a really inspiring exhibition.

This is how our stand looked (my book was displayed on the shelf), and we were also handing out free newspaper, badges and business cards:
southampton solent university d&ad new blood

And here's a few other snaps from around the festival:

d&ad new blood
d&ad new blood

 It was pretty manic so I didn't manage to take note of which Universities I was photographing, but I did pick up a LOT of business cards (see the huge pile below)which I'll be sorting through and sharing some of my favourite work later on.

d&ad new blood