Friday, 4 July 2014

New Blood Finds

Today I'm sharing a few of my favourite finds from the D&AD New Blood festival.
I picked up a huge amount of business cards, and I still haven't had time to go through them all properly yet, so this is just a snippet of the artists I saw and liked!
The pieces here aren't necessarily what they had on display at the show, instead they're pieces I've picked out from looking at their websites.

Oasis Suite of Service messages by Carrie Yates

The 7 Wonders of the Ancient World by Joel Lillington

Hamleys Poster by Rachel Saunders

Animals by Clair Rossiter

Pattern by Samara Hardy

This really is such a tiny proportion of all the lovely work on display at D&AD, and I hope I can get around to looking through the rest of the business cards soon and sharing a bit more with you!
In the meantime there's a round-up of the show over on Creative Review (My course's stand is the first one featured here!), or you can find loads of pictures of the show by searching for #newblood on Instagram!

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