Thursday, 3 July 2014

D&AD New Blood 2014

This week myself and other students on my course had some of our work on display at the D&AD New Blood festival in London.
I went up yesterday to help look after our stand, and to have a look around at all the other universities' work. There was some great work and it was a really inspiring exhibition.

This is how our stand looked (my book was displayed on the shelf), and we were also handing out free newspaper, badges and business cards:
southampton solent university d&ad new blood

And here's a few other snaps from around the festival:

d&ad new blood
d&ad new blood

 It was pretty manic so I didn't manage to take note of which Universities I was photographing, but I did pick up a LOT of business cards (see the huge pile below)which I'll be sorting through and sharing some of my favourite work later on.

d&ad new blood

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