Saturday, 26 July 2014

Art: New Illustrations

On Wednesday, I finally got around to sharing some of my sketchbook pages with you. And today, I have some finished, coloured illustrations to share!

Other than the birds, these are all for a project I'm working on with my Illustration Collective, Pastiche. However, when you see them in the final outcome of that project (which is still a secret at the moment), they'll be looking quite different to how they do here (any guesses what we're working on?).
The birds are my first submission to Illustration Friday, for the topic "golden". I'm hoping to start regularly contributing to Illustration Friday, as a way of responding to drawings prompts I wouldn't normally think of. I also bought myself '642 Things to Draw', a journal/sketchbook filled with unusual drawing prompts, so you should be seeing some illustrations coming from that soon as well!

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