Thursday, 13 August 2015

Illustration Friday: Pointy

This week's Illustration Friday prompt was 'Pointy'. All of my initial ideas were pretty similar to those that I had for 'Sharp' (the prompt for the first week I took part). One of the first new ideas that came to mind was a wolf, with its pointy eyes and pointy teeth, so I went with Little Red Riding Hood as my inspiration this week.
I've illustrated Little Red Riding Hood approaching her Grandmother's cottage, with the wolf watching her from the inside.
I've also included a slightly adapted quote from the story, replacing the word "big" with "pointy" to say "My, what pointy teeth you have..."

Emma Margaret Illustration Friday Pointy Little Red Riding Hood 2015

I won't be taking part in Illustration Friday next week as I'm away in Norway (unless I really like the prompt next week in which case I might create something for it once I'm back anyway!)
The blog will be pretty quiet next week while I'm away but I'll have plenty of things to share once I'm back the following week!

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