Tuesday, 21 June 2016


While we were away it was Jamie's birthday. I was completely organised and made him a special card the week before we went!
He'd seen my Queen of Hearts playing card design and told me he really like it. I know he's a fan of anything to do with games, and that we'd most likely be spending the evening of his birthday in the casino on the cruise ship. So I designed my own Jack and Ace of Spades playing cards for him!

Here's the finished illustration for the Jack of Spades card:

And here's the card itself! I think he liked it :)

We spent his birthday in Oslo visiting the Norwegian Folk Museum. I woke him up in the morning by throwing balloons at him and shouting Happy Birthday, and surprised him when we got back with a cake waiting in the cabin!
I'll be back later in the week to share lots of pictures form the trip and tell you all about the wonderful places we saw!

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