Wednesday, 20 April 2016

The 100 Day Project

I've decided to join in The 100 Day Project this year. I regretted not doing it last year so though it best not to make the same mistake again! I didn't find out it was starting until the day before though, so didn't have as much time as I'd have liked to come up with a theme!
I've been trying to work more with characters lately so I figured that was a good direction to go in. So for the next 100 days I'll be sharing a new illustration (mostly sketchbook work, sometimes coloured images) of a character. The characters will either be new ones from my imagination, or from books I'm reading or TV I'm watching.
I'll be sharing them all on Instagram with the unique hashtag #emi100characters
And every week or so I'll do a catch up post here on the blog.

First up, me and Jamie have just begun watching Game of Thrones (and desperately trying to catch up by the time the new season starts so we don't get too many spoilers!)
I didn't think I'd particularly enjoy it but right from the first ten minutes of episode one I've been completely hooked! So it only seemed right to make it the theme of my first entry for this project. I went with a baby dragon, inspired by my favourite scene so far, when Daenerys awakes from the ashes of the fire with her newly hatched dragons. Expect a few of these illustrations to be Game of Thrones themed!

For day 2 I've drawn a little character design for Heidi, the book I'm currently reading.
There's a new series of illustrations on the way for that one, but I've been having a few computer issues so haven't been able to colour them yet. Hopefully they'll be ready to share next week!

So thats 2 down... 98 to go!
(Although I'm away for 2 weeks in June so I may have to skip those entries)

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  1. naw the dragon is so cute! can't wait to see what else you create!