Tuesday, 12 April 2016

A Little Princess

Last week I finished reading A Little Princess. I'd watched the film multiple times when I was younger but had never read the book. There are a lot of elements of the story that are changed between the book and the film, and I'd definitely say I much preferred the book (apart from the fact that the father doesn't survive in the book, I wasn't as keen on that part!)
The story is full of beautiful imagery and gave me plenty pf ideas for illustrations. I've created a book cover, character design, and two illustrations of key scenes in the story (the girls sat on the rooftop overlooking the street, and Sara discovering the "magic" in the attic)

Here's a few close-ups of my favourite parts of the illustrations:

And some work in progress shots from my sketchbooks:

I'm really pleased with how these pieces turned out, and I enjoyed working on some more detailed scenes for these ones. I'll be reading Heidi next and hopefully producing a series of images for that too. I'll also be back later in the week with another instalment of my Fairytales from around the World" series.

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