Thursday, 29 May 2014

Life: I'm back!

Yesterday I finished hanging my work for my degree show, and tomorrow morning I drop off the back up work to be marked, and then I'm pretty much finished! Its feeling pretty strange at the moment that its all coming to an end and pretty soon I'll be out of education, but its also very exciting!
I'm pretty pleased with how everything turned out and I'm looking forward to the exhibition in 2 weeks time! 

Here's a few snippets of how everything's looking at the moment:
- My new business cards featuring little snippets of my work.
- All of the book pages trimmed up and ready to be bound into the book.
- Paper dolls coming off the printer ready to be made up for the display (I'll also be adding some of these little paper doll kits to the shop very soon!)
- My final display!

Here's a few little snaps of some of the other things I've been doing lately:

- For our course catalog, we all illustrated a paper bag to where on our heads for a group photo! Me, Hannah and Selina decide to all go as various hoofed animals facing in different directions and stand in a Charlie's Angels pose. A pretty good look for us don't you think?
- Printing images for my Illustration portfolio.
- This little cutie came to visit with mum and dad and gave me lots of cuddles!
- We spent the day last friday transforming the illustration studio into a gallery; building walls and painting everything white!

If you'd like to see more snaps of my work and what I'm up to then you can follow me on Instagram or Twitter.

Finishing uni means I now have some time to work on all things I've been wanting to do for the last couple of months. First up, I'll be updating my website with the new work and giving this blog a little makeover. Over the next couple of weeks the shop will also receive a makeover as well as some new products, so look out for updates on that!

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