Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Snap Snap: 13/05/14

So when I wrote that "Updates" post the other week, I wasn't intending to be away form the blog for quite this long. But uni work has been the priority lately and certain things have taken longer than expected. I caught up on everything over the weekend, and yesterday I got the pages printed out, ready to bind later this week!

Here's a few snaps from the last couple of weeks:

- I went on a little day trip to London and visited a lovely shop selling supplies for book binding. Unfortunately I didn't need any of these pretty end papers as I'm printing my own, but they were displayed so beautifully along all the walls.
- Whilst in London we visited Pick Me Up, the graphic design and illustration festival. These were a few of my favourite pieces.
- I especially likes these hand printed cards and sketch books by Catherine McGinnis.
- A last minute little addition to the book characters.

- Sketching out some larger images to go on the wall at the exhibition.
- Inking up.
- My uni blog was "due in" last Friday, so I've stopped posting there too for now until its marked. But in the mean time there's plenty there to read about my project if you're interested.
- Working on a repeat pattern for the book cover.

I've only got just over 2 weeks until everything is finished, and I plan on getting straight back to the blog after that, as well as adding new things to the shop!

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