Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Over & Over: Play your cards right

So today I finally found enough time to work on a new illustration. I had the idea for this one a few weeks ago, and the drawings have been sat waiting in my sketchbook ever since. I've been working on a really fun commission lately (which I should be able to share soon!) which involves some illustrations inspired by Alice in Wonderland. Those illustrations inspired some playing card themed doodles in my mini sketchbook, which in turn inspired this new pattern...

Emma Margaret Illustration Playing Cards Pattern 2015

I have also been working on two new colouring book designs, and 3 new garland kits! The first of three December craft fairs is coming up in just two weeks, and I'm hoping to have them all ready for then (which explains why I haven't had much time for this sort of work!)
Look out for the new colouring books on Instagram as I'll be doing a special offer on them once they're ready!