Friday, 10 July 2015

Illustration Friday: Sharp

I've decided to give Illustration Friday a go again. I did it for a few weeks last year but didn't stick to it for too long.
Each week (when I can) I'll be creating an illustration inspired by the prompts provided on Illustration Friday and themed around a fairytale or other story.
This week, the theme was "Sharp" and I chose to use Briar-Rose as inspiration.

(unfortunately I was a little late getting this finished and didn't get around to actually submitting it to the Illustration Friday website! Next week I'll try and be more punctual with it!)

Emma Margaret Illustration Friday Sharp 2015

The initial idea for this came from the "sharp" needle on the spinning wheel on which Briar-Rose pricks her finger. However as I began the illustration I remembered that after she falls asleep, a thorny bush grows around the castle to prevent the Princes or anyone else from rescuing her. I included this thorny bush (in the form of a Briar-Rose bush) coming through the windows, adding another element to the illustration to represent the Illustration Friday prompt, 'Sharp'.

I should be back next week with another Illustration Friday image for you!

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