Thursday, 30 July 2015

Illustration Friday: Nature

This week's Illustration Friday prompt was 'Nature'.
I struggled to come up with something for this one. Nature features in most of my work and its one of my main inspirations, but I didn't want to just draw another forest or bunch of flowers.
I also had to find a way of relating it to a fairytale or story which made it even harder not to do anything too obvious. I went through several ideas involving trees, apples, animals etc but they were all something I had done before. In the end I decided to illustrate something with nature where it wouldn't normally be: In Rapunzel's hair.
The idea is that she has been sat in the tower for so long that her hair has become connected with her surroundings, and she is now a part of the nature. I also added in her holding an apple, and a framed picture of a flower on the wall so those symbols were still included.

Emma Margaret Illustration Friday Nature Rapunzel 2015

I realised after I'd finished this that I've ended up using the same colour palette as last week, oops! I'll aim to make next week's one quite different.

I've been enjoying taking part in Illustration Friday so far, and I love opening that e-mail on a Friday to see what the next prompt will be! Hopefully I'll be keeping this up for a while longer.

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