Wednesday, 17 June 2015

New Illustartion: Bir Zamanlar

I've mentioned a few times over the last couple of weeks that I've been working on a new illustration inspired by somewhere we saw on holiday. Well its now finally finished!

Emma Margaret Illustration

On the last day of our holiday to Turkey we took a boat trip along the Dalyan river.
We had a great guide for the day and he was explaining a lot of what we saw as we sailed along. At one point, we went past this hill and he said "Once upon a time there was a castle on the top of that hill". 

Being a lover of fairytales, this immediately stood out to me and I quickly snapped a few pictures so I could draw it when we got home!
I've titled it in Turkish to keep with the theme ('Bir Zamanlar' translates to 'Once Upon a Time'), and I decided on a colour palette using some other photos form our holiday (see this blog post, I ended up combining to palettes).

Below you can see a few work in progress shots, including my initial sketchbook drawings, and various stages of the final illustration, and some close-ups of the finished piece. 

Emma Margaret Illustration

Emma Margaret Illustration

This was the biggest illustration I've worked on for quite a while, so it took quite a bit of patience (and a few fine-liners!) but I've really enjoyed it! I've got quite a few more ideas in my notebook at the moment for some more illustrations I want to work on, so look out for those soon!

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