Friday, 20 February 2015

Snap snap: 20/02/15

I've gotten behind gain, and this is my first Snap snap post in February, and its been a busy month, so I have quite a bit to share:

- After completing my card designs in January, I placed a big order at the printers. A few days later I received a very exciting delivery filled with lots of new cards, and these new business cards, thank you notes and stickers!
- Of course the new cards were the main part of the order, and they're all now available to buy on my Etsy shop or direct from my website. Let me know what you think!
- Before getting on with new projects, I took a bit of time to do some drawing just for myself, which included animals in pretty clothes!
- A second delivery also arrived, some colourful stickers from, to make all my packages prettier.

-The diary doodles are still going well.
- Weekly visits from Beabea.
- I'm selling off some old stock to make room for the new cards. For £10 you can get an A5 print, 3 cards, and 2 sets of gift tags (all screen-printed) and UK postage. If you'd like one just contact me with your paypal e-mail address.
- The drawing I did in January of Mr Bear was given a bit of colour.

- I've spent several hours packing up card orders for some new stockists (more on that soon)
- Thumb-nailing ideas for fabric patterns (I'm working on some fun new products)
- Positive phrases banners for one of the new patterns.
- And finally, a page full of bees!

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