Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Snap snap: 17/09/14

The last week in photos.

- Preparing everything for the shop update. There are now lot of new items available to buy from my Etsy Shop or Website.
- Pretty flowers from Mum and Dad.
- With Downton Abbey starting up again this Sunday, it seemed liked a good to time to list this Downton themed mini print in my shop!
- Drawing cakes for some new pattern designs.

Now that the shop is up and running again, and I'm settling into my new routine in our new home and new jobs, I'm finally getting the time to get back to drawing again. I'll be sharing some snippets from my sketchbook later this week, and I also have plans for some new illustrated features here on the blog:
- Illustrated Eats: Fun food recipes using my illustrations as diagrams
- Wise Words: Similar to my old "Say it right" feature, but this time I'll be illustrating the quotes rather than using computer fonts.
- Over & Over: A series of pattern designs, I'm hoping to create a new one each week using drawings I create whilst I'm at my day job!

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