Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Toads and Diamonds

In my last Fairytales from around the World post I said that the next story I'd be illustrating was the History of Whittington. After reading it and spending a few days putting off making a start on the illustration I decided to skip that one as no ideas were coming to mind!
I've counted and there are enough stories in the book to last me two years if I keep illustrating every single one, one a week! So I've decided to be a little less strict and skip any that don't appeal.
The next story in the book was Toads and Diamonds. Its a very short story but full of imagery and it didn't take long to get the idea for this illustration. The girl in the story is given a gift:
"At every word you speak, there shall come out of your mouth either a flower or a jewel."
Her sister was given the opposite punishment of snakes and toads, but I thought this one would be much nicer to illustrate!

Emma Margaret Illustration Toads and Diamonds Fairytale 2016

The next story in the book is Blue Beard. I'm not sure how that one will go as I know its a pretty unpleasant story!

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